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We create stunning, interactive 3D applications for architecture, product design, and more. Scroll down to learn more about us, and find out how we can work together to make something amazing.


Interactive 3D is unlike any video or still image.

Utilizing the latest and greatest in game engine technology, we create 3D worlds

that revolutionize the way we experience digital content. Give customers the ability to virtually

step inside their future home, years before a single brick has been laid. Design and customize

your new basement renovation digitally, without breaking a sweat. The possibilities are

truly endless.


Stunning 3D content across all platforms.

We provide custom-built solutions across any and all platforms. Whether you are looking for a mobile app, touch-screen kiosk, or web browser deployment, we have you covered.

Limitless Interactivity: Features that meet your needs

We have produced a comprehensive, proven, and tested suite of features to meet the growing needs of the modern consumer. We love to experiment with bold new ideas outside the status quo, and set new standards with every project we take on.


Expansive 3D Environments

Leveraging technology and design, we create virtual landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. We make your project shine in its future home.


Custom Tailored User Interface

We tailor the user interface to match your existing branding and guidelines. Every experience we create is purpose-built to meet your exact needs.

Interactive 3D Floorplans

Explore and customize floorplans for homes or condos in full 3D. This experience make customers comfortable in knowing exactly the way their future home is going to feel.

Intuitive Touch Controls

We work with the latest touch-screen technology, and deliver intuitive experiences across all platforms. Gestures like swipes and pinch-to-zoom are instantly understood, and let users get right into the action.

3D Material Configurators

Allow your customers to preview different materials and finishes in real-time 3D, swapping out colors on the fly to find their perfect match.

Detailed Architectural Models

We create highly detailed and accurate models to bring all the attention to your project. We capture the essence of your development, and ensure that it shines through to your customers.

Augmented Reality

We design and develop cutting-edge augmented reality experiences across multiple platforms and markets. Trust us: your customers will be blown away when they watch a condo tower grow out of their table!

Interactive Product Visualization

Why use images and videos to market your products, when you can use interactive 3D content instead? Customers can examine products in minute detail, and feel totally comfortable in their purchase in the comfort of their own home.

Interior Design Tools

Draw out a floorplan, and watch the walls become fully 3D. Select finishes, paint colors, and materials. Place furniture to help design and visualize the layout. Take the guesswork out of interior design!

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We love what we do.

We are proud to have a team of amazing, talented people, who care about bringing out the best in every project we take on.LinesRP

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Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it.

We have been fortunate enough to work with some great people, on some great projects! See what other people have to say about us:

NVYVE’s application achieved everything we were looking for and then some.”

Thanks to Jim, Anika and the whole team at NVYVE for the exceptional renderings and spectacular interactive touch screen system they designed and built for our latest project, The Brownstones at Westown. This was Lindvest’s second foray into the touch screen world, but the system NVYVE designed and built was by far the most robust and all-encompassing that we have ever used. The complexity of the stacked townhome product we are selling required a unique and tailored solution and NVYVE’s application achieved everything we were looking for and then some. Looking forward to continuing to work on upcoming projects with their team and know that they will continually amaze with both their renderings and technology solutions.”
– Joseph Alberga, Director of Sales & Marketing, Lindvest Properties Ltd.


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